SoCal K9 Foundation

SoCal K9 Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization was founded in 2017 after the passing of retired Sheriff K9 Lor. Lor was the last German Shepherd the Sheriff Department purchased from Germany in 2003. He was certified in apprehension and tracking. In 2010, Lor was transitioning to become a narcotic detection K9 when he developed an enlarged prostate. Due to his medical condition, Lor was unable to qualify as a Narcotic K9. This led to the department’s decision to retire him after serving over 10 years protecting the community. He was immediately adopted into his partner’s family where he lived his remaining dog days until the age of 15. Lor underwent the removal of his enlarged prostate and other medical procedures which cost approximately over $1500. Given his breed, Lor had his share of health and genetic conditions that developed later in life causing his well-being to deteriorate.

After gaining more insight about other agencies, SoCal K9 Foundation came to the realization that our four-legged heroes, who have served and protected our communities for most of their lives, do not receive any type of benefit nor retirement fund when they leave the department. Funds to provide food, shelter and cover any type of medical costs are borne by their adopted family.

SoCal K9 Foundation provides financial assistance to retired law enforcement K9s with prescription food, boarding care, burial services and the ever increasing cost of veterinary medical care to name a few.